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How to sell svg online

how to sell svg online

How to make svg file and make a profit

Making SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) document is an extraordinary method for making easy revenue on your own plans. Basic SVG records are in gigantic interest by crafters who use bite the dust cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut, as they are resizable and simple to cut. To make your own SVGs to sell, you’ll simply require a few innovative plan thoughts and vector altering application like Inkscape to make it a reality. This article will tell you the best way to transform your thoughts into plans you can sell or buy SVGs on Karimoos Market and other Marketplaces platform.

1. Choose a design that sellpolice unicorn

You can do that by checking out what’s trending design in SVG files category.
To make plans that will sell effectively, it’ll be useful to figure out which plans individuals are now purchasing. A couple of spots and tools to begin (Just google it):

  •  eRank
  • InsightFactory app
  • Etsy in trending svg category

2. Copyright infringement

Check for copyrights and reserved phrases. Try not to attempt to sell another person’s reserved design you’re probably going to get your account suspended.

3. Create a design you own

Make the plan all alone. Making your plan without any preparation guarantees that the workmanship you’re making is your own work. Try not to start with another person’s craftsmanship and add your own contacts this can cause you problems for copyright encroachment. Then again, you can utilize eminence free vector workmanship. The following are not many spots you can discover some downloads and additionally thoughts:

4. Install the software Adobe illustrator(Paid software), Inkscape (Free software)

Inkscape is one of the most famous vector workmanship creation applications, and it’s additionally totally free. Regardless of whether you made your plan in a raster-based proofreader (or downloaded a plan in the BMP, PNG, or JPEG design), you can bring it into Inkscape and utilize the following devices to change over it. On the off chance that you haven’t proactively introduced Inkscape, you can download it from
Or if you want to to go Pro then use adobe Illustrator to handle your creativity.

5. Decide a Market place where to sell your SVGs

Etsy is the largest craft marketplace (You pay 0.2$ for each listing renewed each 6 months), but it’s not the only place you can sell SVGs, you can sell on Etsy as well as any of these marketplaces for Free Listing:

  • Creative Fabrica – Free Listing
  • Design Bundles – Free Listing
  • The Hungry JPEG – Free Listing
  • Creative Market – Free Listing
  • Karimoos Market – Free Listing

6. Test you svg file cut file

messy bun win svg

Test your SVG document in Cricut Design Space as well as Silhouette Studio prior to selling. You can downloadd Cricut software in your machine and test that.
You need to ensure that your file cut and compatible with a cutting machines.

  • You can download Silhouette Studio from
  • Get Cricut Design Space from

7. Create a ZIP file that contains the SVG, PNG, DXF and EPS files.

There to much to tell about selling svg cut file online and make a profit, now you can save you svg document to different format png, dxf, jpeg and eps, compress them as 1 Zip file before upload.

don’t forget to make a good landing page for your product.

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