Karimoos.com Licenses

Premium License SUMMARY

The Premium License covers (1)one person to use Licensed items.

Version 1.3 December 07, 2021.

ALLOWED TO (Personal use):

  • You can use our products for personal use in any way you want to | easy as that!.
  • Personal use indicate using our products without any commercial intention.

ALLOWED TO (For Members with Business Membership only):

  • Make and sell physical end products! (Shirts, mugs, cards, posters, linens, jewelry, Notebooks, and more)
  • Make and sell digital designs with fonts! (Words, phrases, names, quotes, and more)
  • Use a web font on your website!
  • Use design for Amazon Merch or KDP projects!
  • Print On Demand: Use design for Etsy POD, or other POD platform (Redbubble, spreadshirt, etc.)
  • Use a font in broadcasting, videos, and streaming!
  • Make new digital designs and POD designs by modifying licensed graphics into new works!
  • Commercial use included in your order invoice.
  • Others purposes, contact us.


  • Reselling, modifying, sharing, or giving away any licensed items.
  • Sending as-is designs to any other person/party so they can make physical goods.

HOW DOES Membership Program WORK?

Easy and quick License summary terms for Karimoos Market Membeship Program.

Susbcribe to our Business Program and you’re eligible for Our  Premium License.

Please be aware that when you end your business subscription, you Premium license end with it, and all downloads within your business subcription period are automatically covered under premium license.

Please if you have any questions, contact us at support@karimoos.com