Karimoos.com Licenses

Easy Premium License SUMMARY

The Premium License covers (1)one person to use Licensed items.

Version 1.2 April 24, 2021.

ALLOWED TO (with attribution):

  • Make and sell physical end products! (Shirts, mugs, cards, posters, linens, jewelry, Notebooks, and more)
  • Make and sell digital designs with fonts! (Words, phrases, names, quotes, and more)
  • Use a web font on your website!
  • Use design for Amazon Merch or KDP projects!
  • Use design for Etsy POD, or other POD platform (Redbubble, spreadshirt, etc.)
  • Use a font in broadcasting, videos, and streaming!
  • Make new digital designs and POD designs by modifying licensed graphics into new works!


  • Reselling, sharing, or giving away any licensed items.
  • Sending as-is designs to any other person/party so they can make physical goods.


Easy and quick way to gives karimoos. attribution is to add to your products et/or item description:

Design and/or font by Karimoos.com