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Vendor Guidelines and Help V1.0


Thank you for your interest in selling on Karimoos Market

Please, Follow this first guidelines to get started:

1. Please Do not send any copyright infringement materiel.

2. The file must be high quality products.

3. Product listing images (or Product Landing page): Use dimensions like 600*600 pixels, or 1500*1000 pixel for bundles, and jpeg format.

3. If you upload an SVG, the file need to cut perfectly with cutting machine, such as Cricut.

4. Images, Zip files and all media uploaded to the platform need t be named correctly.

5. Optimize you shop for SEO (search engine  optimisation):
5.1 use https://tinyjpg.com/ for exemple to reduce the size and keep quality.
5.2 Use alt variable to define your images purpose.
5.3 include all your target keywords in your listing.

6. Work on design that sell (You can use google trends for that it’s a free tool, search for svg if you’re working on svg niche, and see the data, after that your can go search for this kind of design that works by search that keyword on google, bing… also see the results).

7. PNG in the Zip files must be 300*300 pixel resolution.

When you are ready, please visit your dashboard to get started.
Please if you have any question contact us.
Karimoos support

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2 thoughts on “Vendor Guidelines and Help V1.0

  1. craft100days says:

    When I sell on Karimoos marketplace and have an order, how will I be paid?

    1. Karimoos says:


      Thank you for contacting us, please refer to this page, under payout section;


      Please if you have any question contact us.

      Karimoos support

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