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How to upload SVG file in Cricut Design Space (Cricut explorer).

Using SVG files with Cricut Explore


The SVG file is a file that is mathematically designed and thus works perfectly with the Cricut and other cutting machines like the silhouette machine. In contrast, to be designed in pixels, like a JPEG or PNG, it is created using lines and points (Called Cuts). If you think about how a cutting machine works, the blade cuts lines and turns at points. This is what makes SVGs work perfectly with the cutting machine!


Here’s an example to show how to upload an SVG to the Cricut Design Space. I’m particularly enamored with this My first 4th of July so I’m going to cut it and upload it to Cricut Explore.

How to upload SVG file in Cricut Design Space (Cricut explorer).

If your download comes in a ZIP file, you’ll need to make sure to extract your SVG before uploading—you cannot upload a ZIP to Cricut Design Space, you can use a zip software for extracting like The unarchiver for Mac user, or Winzip, WinRAR for Windows user. ( Free Version work just perfect, you don’t need to pay for extraversion).

Show me how?

Well, if you’re already at this point, perfect all your configuration is Good to Go. Start by opening a new, blank canvas in the Cricut Design Space. Click Upload in the Design Panel on the left-hand side of your canvas.


Click Upload Image.


Navigate and choose the SVG file you get from Karimoos (navigate to where the SVG file is located on your Smartphone/Computer directory). and then click Ok(open in some cases).


Then click Save. The file will appear in your Recently Uploaded Images. Select it and click Insert Images and your sloth file will import onto your canvas. Easy!

Note that if you tried to upload a JPG or PNG, there would be so many more steps right here. But because SVGs are native to the Cricut program, it uploads seamlessly. This is what I LOVE about SVGs. The process is about a million times more simple than using a JPG or PNG.

Depending on the SVG, you may need to do a couple of things to be able to actually make the file viewable. The sloth SVG came into Cricut Design Space quite large—I couldn’t even see the sloth in my main Canvas view. So I simply used the edit bar to change the size of the sloth to 4” wide and changed the X and Y Positions to 1. This made the sloth much smaller and moved it to a place I could see it on my Canvas.


Then I hit “Make It” and cut him on my Cricut! I used slightly different colors for paper, based on what I had in my stash, and I LOVE how he turned out. I think I’ll hang him on my office wall to remind myself to chill a little bit more! This is such a fun cut file—one of my favorites from this Karimoos.

Please if you have any questions or requests, we are happy to help.

Karimoos Ltd Support

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